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Top tips for marketing as an introvert

In the last 2 years of hosting the Marketing for Introverts podcast I have interviewed over 30 guests. From the moment they realised they were an introvert to their top tips for marketing an introvert it’s been a pleasure talking to every one.

They’ve included coaches, marketing consultants, experts and business owners with a whole lot of experience and expertise. I’m so grateful that they have agreed to share that expertise and tell their stories.

In this bonus episode I share some of the stories and top tips that have resonated with me I hope you find these comments helpful.

Listen to Gabrielle Treanor and Laura Robinson telling us how they discovered they were introverts, Jo Rawbone explaining how she overcame the fear to do a TedX talk, Helen Bainbridge explaining how her story became a core part of her marketing activity and Pete Moseley talking about the know, like and trust process (and why you should stop selling!).

Top tips

Listen also to Ginny Carter, Dr Ivan Misner, Gus Bhandal and Vicki Lovegrove share their top tips for marketing as an introvert.

You can listen to the full episodes here:

Gabrielle Treanor Comparison is the thief of joy

Laura Robinson Your customer needs clarity

Jo Rawbone What is introversion?

Helen Bainbridge How much of your story should you share?

Pete Mosley Introvert as expert and story teller

Ginny Carter Do you want to write a book?

Dr Ivan Misner Networking for introverts

Gus Bhandal What’s working on social media right now?

Vicki Lovegrove How to thrive as an introvert


Do connect with me on LinkedIn, let me know which episodes you enjoyed and tell me your top tip for marketing as an introvert!

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