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What’s working on social media right now with Gus Bhandal

Gus Bhandal is a social media manager and trainer, and an introvert who has found a way to stand out through creating a very specific online personal brand. While he works across many platforms for his clients, for his own business he focusses on long form content, using LinkedIn to great effect.

Gus is a big advocate of using social media content to build the “know, like and trust” factor. We talked a lot about the changes on LinkedIn and why we are all showing more personality in our posts. We discussed the need for virtual water cooler moments and how to decide which bits of your personal life to share and what to keep private.

A big part of our conversation was about how he uses social media and where he draws the boundaries. I also persuaded him to share who he’s inspired by on social media right now. I hope you enjoy this episode!

Book recommendations

Gus recommended 3 of his favourite marketing books:

John Espirian Content DNA

Gary Vaynerchuk Jab Jab Right Hook

Steven Bartlett Happy Sexy Millionaire

You can go to the Marketing for Introverts Bookshop to see the full list of books recommended on the podcast


Find Gus via his website or connect with him on LinkedIn


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