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Using testimonials to get visible

I’m talking in this new series about visibility – what it is, why it’s important and how to do it in a way that feels comfortable and even fun.

In this short solo episode I focus in on an issue I’ve been discussing with clients recently – testimonials. A testimonial is any positive comment from your clients about the experience of working with you and having a bank of them is a brilliant marketing tool to have.

Why do service business owners need testimonials?

When our business is based on the expertise in our heads, it’s hard for potential clients to know what the experience of working with you might be like. Making a decision to work with you can be a big step. If working with you involves a level of risk, either spending a large amount of money or moving from a trusted supplier, testimonials are a really important marketing tool to help your potential client assess the risk and decide in favour of working with you.

But I get it, it’s icky asking people to say nice things about you – I find it hard too! In the episode I talk about how to ask clients for them – including some hacks to get around asking directly.

And then once you have them, I cover where and how should you be using them in your marketing content.

It’s a quick listen, so if you haven’t asked for any testimonials recently, I hope you find it useful! And if you would like to talk to me about how to get and use testimonials in your business, book the Marketing for Introverts Action Planning Package.


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