The Marketing for Introverts action planning package

The Marketing for Introverts action planning package

Achieve clarity on the marketing activities you can be doing in a way that fits your introvert personality.

Get a marketing action plan customised to your business and your introverted personality.

Are you an introverted service business owner?

Then I can help you turn that marketing overwhelm, frustration or fear of invisibility into a clear plan of action. In just an hour we can set you on the path to marketing clarity and confidence.

Who am I?

Jenny Procter Bondfield Marketing

I’m Jenny Procter, introvert and marketing consultant, with 25 years’ experience working with businesses large and small helping them get their message across. With a passion for helping introverts quietly and successfully market their business in a world where everyone else seems to be shouting I also host the Marketing for Introverts podcast.

Case Study

Liz runs a successful virtual assistant business. As she came to the end of a major contract she knew she needed to find some more clients but she wasn’t sure where to start. She struggled to explain what she did to others and her website was impersonal and lacked client examples.

We spoke about Liz’s 25 years of varied experience in business development, marketing and operations roles and I suggested that she reposition herself as a business manager. Liz explained that she really liked helping tradespeople run their businesses and had several clients already in this field.

We talked about setting up packages for tradespeople, including a package to set up quote and invoice software, and a separate package to provide a complete office service including answering the telephone and posting on social media. We also thought about packages that would appeal to service business owners, and how Liz could create blog content to show how she could solve typical business challenges.

Finally, we addressed her fear of seeming pushy in selling, helping her reframe her service as helping her clients, and I suggested she email former clients with details of a range of packages that might help them.

The Marketing for Introverts Planning package

When you book the Marketing for Introverts Planning package for £197 you’ll get:

How do I book?

  1. Go to my diary to book an hour to suit you book here
  2. I’ll email you to confirm and send you the pre-meeting questionnaire
  3. And I’ll send you a Zoom link for the call plus your invoice


You may find it helpful to look at my nurture package to follow on after the planning session.

No, we both know that’s not going to help! But we also both know that you need to do some marketing. So we will discuss the best ways to manage your energy and effectively reach your audience.

No, of course not. Although I will encourage you to step gently out of your comfort zone – it’s usually where the good stuff happens!

Does it have customers? Then I promise, something in my 25 years’ experience (from architects, opticians and charities to schools, circus performers and IT service providers) will be relevant to the way you do business, and I can definitely help you take the next step.

You can listen to me chatting to other introverts on the Marketing for Introverts podcast. Or ask my mum, she’ll tell you all about me!

No, but I can guarantee you will feel better about your business marketing, and that you will be able to take positive action to create sales for yourself.

Jenny Procter Bondfield Marketing

Marketing for experts and introverts.

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What's your marketing personality?

What's your marketing personality?

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