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Help! What do I do when my marketing isn’t working?

In this episode I answer a call for help! This is a conversation I have sometimes when I first talk to new clients. It’s rarely about a crisis, it’s not that everything is falling to pieces but they often have a feeling that it’s all a bit bleugh, and they need to fix it – but they honestly aren’t quite sure of the problem so they aren’t exactly sure how.

This is the episode you need when you are feeling a bit fed up that you don’t seem to be getting any results, that things aren’t working, or you aren’t making an impact. Maybe you feel you are doing all the marketing things and you just can’t see the difference it makes.

I’m going to ask you 4 big questions to help you get back on track:

  • What activity have you done? Not what you planned or what you think you’ve done, but what you actually put out there!
  • What results did you get? Look at open rates, website traffic and engagement rates and see what the stats are telling you.
  • What message are you giving? Sometimes we are so close to our business we aren’t as clear as we could be.
  • How easy are you making it? If your potential client can’t click to buy or book an appointment you are making it too hard for them.

Listen to the episode and let me know what resonates for you and how you can move forward with your marketing.


You can get hold of the marketing audit download I mentioned in the episode by clicking here 


You can also listen to the episode I mention with Laura Robinson


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