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Mindset for Introverts with Emma-Louise Parkes

Emma-Louise Parkes is an online business coach and strategist and host of The Ambitious Introvert podcast. After a successful career as long-haul cabin crew and as an air traffic controller she trained as a coach and set up her business just before lockdown. She now helps ambitious introverts create the strategy and mindset for massive success. Emma-Louise defines mindset as “the thoughts we have and how they serve us”. So I was very keen to talk to her about the mindset challenges that introverts face around visibility.

Creating a positive mindset for introverts

We discussed the point that as introverts we don’t feel compelled to share every aspect of our lives and also we don’t need the external validation – so getting more visible on social media, for example, can feel very “show offy!” We can also be very self-critical about how we look or sound, so if content is less than perfect we don’t always want to share it. And how many of us worry that our former colleagues will see our content and judge us harshly?

Emma-Louise shared some ways to think about visibility to help us take the steps we need to market our business, as well as some practical tips. She shared the power of accountability in her journey to get more visible and emphasised the need to take action, even if it is small steps to grow our comfort zone a little bit every day.


Resources and books

You can find Emma-Louise and her podcast The Ambitious Introvert on her website: or on any podcast platform.

She shared her reading list, all recommended to her by her podcast guests, which you can find here:

She particularly recommended 2 books in our conversation:

Do less by Kate Northrop 

Billion Dollar Loser by Reeves Wiedeman


You can go to the Marketing for Introverts Bookshop to see the full list of books recommended on the podcast

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