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How to stay visible when you have no time

Today’s episode is about continuing to stay visible in your marketing activity. Maybe you want to take a holiday, or you are too busy with work or life. So many of us are juggling our businesses with looking after our children, or we need to be able to look after a family member. Or maybe you need to be focussing on something behind the scenes, such as inducting a new member of the team or introducing new IT systems. For introverts particularly, we can have phases where our energy levels take a dip.

But you still need to continue marketing your business, to show you are open for business and to build a pipeline of potential new clients. So how do you stay visible when you have no time?

5 tips to stay visible

In this episode I share a series of options to help you stay visible:

  • Repurposing and reusing all forms of content – and why its rude not to
  • Batching, automating and scheduling, the benefits and the pitfalls to be aware of
  • Focusing on the tools and the audiences that make the most impact
  • Engagement as strategy for the time poor business owner
  • Outsourcing

I’ll be using all of those to keep me visible during the summer, and the podcast will be back for a new episode in September. Don’t forget to subscribe on your preferred podcast platform so you don’t miss the new series.

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