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Your customer needs clarity, with Laura Robinson

The importance of clarity to your customers


Laura Robinson worditudeLaura Robinson of Worditude is a conversion and copywriting coach for people who sell their expertise online. She explains how she was “outed” as an introvert in a corporate job at the start of her career.

Let your copy do the heavy lifting

We discussed the importance of introverts getting our message right online – clarity will save us so much time and energy!

The goal should be for the messages on your website can do the “heavy lifting”. Then people are sold on working with you before they get on a sales call.

To attract your ideal clients, narrow down what you do and who you love to work with. Then explain the transformation you can make for your clients.

Laura reveals the main mistakes that people make on their websites, including putting too many things on a website, leaving the customer to work out what they want.

A great sales page should be really clear about what you offer and how people can work with you.

We talked about blogging, Laura describes a blog as the library for your business. This is so all the good conversations from your social media become part of your website.

And we talked about the voice Laura hears in her head when she goes to post on social media.

If you sell your expertise online, you will find lots of wisdom in Laura’s comments!


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Find Laura at her website – worditude.


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