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Podcasting is all about connection, with Pete Morgan

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Pete Morgan is a hugely experienced radio broadcaster, producer and podcasting expert.

He set up MonkeyPants Productions to focus on podcast production 5 years ago. Pete is also the producer of the Marketing for Introverts podcast – and newly “out” as an introvert!

Connecting to your podcast audience

Pete is passionate about the connection that great radio presenters build with their audience.

Successful podcasters create that same connection and build a loyal tribe around a specific subject.

We discussed the huge growth in podcasting during the pandemic and the rise of celebrity podcast hosts.

Another talking point was about the range of knowledge-based businesses that benefit from hosting a podcast. And how a podcast should fit into your business marketing plan.

Pete talks through the basics to get started in podcasting and he shares his top tips for creating a successful podcast.

Passionate about podcasting

Pete can talk about podcasting forever – I learn something new every time I talk to him. I hope you enjoy this conversation!



Find Pete at his website MonkeyPants Productions and he’s @MonkeyPantsProd on social media. Find him on LinkedIn – Pete Morgan.


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