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Putting your face on your business, with Emily Moya

Personal Branding Photographer

Emily Moya is a personal branding photographer specialising in people and portraits.

Emily Moya PhotographerThis week I’m re-sharing a conversation that I had with Emily in late May 2020.


What is personal branding photography?

A traditional headshot and a personal branded images are different, as personal branding defines your face as your business.

You would see photography shoots in multiple locations rather than just a plain background. It shows you more about the person and adds personality.

Small business owners can really benefit from good personal branding images.

In my experience introverts really don’t like putting their face on their business. I lose track of the number of clients I start working with where this is one of my observations on their website or social media.

“You’re an expert in your field, so where is your face?!”

Your photography is a great tool to build rapport with clients (and potential clients).

If this is you, listen to Emily’s words of wisdom to help you get more comfortable with showing up as the face of your business.


It’s a slightly different format to the usual interviews, but just as packed with value as all the other episodes.



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