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Nailing live video for introverts, with Danielle Bayes

Danielle Bayes

Using live video as an introvert

This week I’m re-sharing a conversation with you that I had in March 2020, with video expert Danielle Bayes of Videos Undifficulted.

Why should you use live video? 

It’s perfect for being able to –

  • talk directly to your ideal clients
  • show the person who runs the business (people buy from people remember!)
  • answer questions your clients have
  • show what goes on behind the scenes

It’s a simple and effective way to connect to your audience. Most social media platforms have a way to do this directly through their channel.

But, hands up who is scared of doing live videos?

Danielle is keen to help us overcome our fears and this episode is full of tips to encourage us to get started with live video.



Get Danielle’s 40 ideas for your live video content here.

This episode might be helpful – What are you afraid of? (listen now)

It addresses some of the fears we have around visibility and not being perfect which are really relevant when we think about live video


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