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What kind of introvert are you? Take the quiz!

In this solo episode I discuss why I think personality tests are a good thing. I explain how I found out I was an introvert using a personality test and I give a quick overview of some of the main tests out there at the moment.

What's your marketing personality?

I’m also excited to bring you my NEW Marketing Personality quiz. In just 5 questions I can help you identify your personality and share some marketing tactics for your business tailored to you. I am a big believer that the best form of marketing for your business is the one that you stick to! So the quiz aims to find marketing tactics that will suit your personality.

Is it academic? Absolutely not! But will it give you insight into how you might like to tackle marketing in your business? Yes definitely!

Jenny Procter Bondfield MarketingWhen you’ve taken the quiz, why not share your results with me? Either leave a podcast review on your favourite platform or via Instagram. I’m @bondfieldmarketing


Marketing for Introverts is created and hosted by

Jenny Procter of Bondfield Marketing. Find more resources to help you here



Find my Marketing Personality Quiz here

You can take the Myers Briggs Personality Test here

You can take the Big 5 Personality Traits here

Find out what type of Introvert you are with Joanna Rawbone’s test here



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