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How to thrive as an introvert with Vicki Lovegrove

Vicki Lovegrove has worked as a graphic designer for over 30 years after finding her passion for the subject as a teenager. A conversation with a client a few years ago made her realise that she could support clients in new ways and she retrained as a coach. Today she runs a successful coaching business that supports creative people.

We talked about finding your focus and purpose and the power of giving yourself time to dream. Vicki is a big believer in defining that big exciting goal, and revisiting it from time to time. She described the unconscious mind like a spaniel – which was a lovely comparison and made me smile!

How to thrive by building resilience

Vicki was particularly interesting on the subject of resilience and how we can grow our personal resilience. She talked about collecting experiences that will help you build your resilience, including failures. Especially in the creative industries, we regularly get our creative ideas criticised, but that can make you a better creative.

We had a very interesting conversation about the dangers  of procrastination and perfectionism. Vicki was passionate about the importance of raising your energy so that you attract other high energy people and projects. The language we use when we talk to ourself is so important – our brains take it all in, so stay positive.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Vicki, she completely understands the challenges of small business owner and has plenty of reassuring advice on how to thrive as we look towards a new year.


Vicki recommended Creative Blindness by Dave Trott and The Element by Ken Robinson

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