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How much of your story should you share? with Helen Bainbridge

This week’s guest, Helen Bainbridge, has a background in corporate marketing and PR.

Helen Bainbridge the slow down collectiveIn November 2020, Helen took her professional marketing skills and personal experience of anxiety and launched the Slowdown Collective.

She set this up as a business offering lovingly curated moments of calm in a gift box.

We talked about her moment of inspiration for setting up the business and how she worked to launch in lockdown.

Finding what works in your own marketing

If networking is not for you, how do you meet people?

We looked in detail at some of the tactics she has used to be successful – and why it’s more fun doing marketing for your own business than for your corporate employer!

I was really interested to find out how much Helen shared her personal story in her business marketing.

She explained how difficult it was to talk initially about her experience and how she has taken gradual steps to share how she lives with anxiety.

Helen was very open about the power that her authentic voice brings to her business. She explains how her honesty helps other people share their stories too.



To find out more about Helen’s company, the Slow Down Collective, visit her website here.

Follow Helen on Instagram @slowdowncollective


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