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Websites are the perfect tool, with Penny Badowska

Penny Badowska flat white websitesIn this episode, I spoke to Penny of Flat White Websites.

Our conversation was about why websites remain an essential business marketing tool. She believes passionately that websites should be at the heart of your business, and they ensure you stay in control of your own content.

Websites need planning and attention to detail and present your expertise in a way you are comfortable with. As an introvert, this works in our favour.


Your website is a work in progress

Websites are always on, even when you need to recharge your own batteries. Talking about why your website is never done, and why introverts need to get over the drive to hold off publishing until their site is perfect!

We talked in detail about why you should put your face on your website, to improve your credibility and help potential customers get to know you. Penny really recommended investing in professional photography to create an image you are happy with. This will help show who you are.

Penny and her business partner (and husband) Fred post regularly on Instagram reels. She explained their use of the platform, why it’s a great community for them and why marketing should be fun.



To find out more about Penny and to connect with her go to:

Flat White Websites

On Instagram @flat_white_websites



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