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Introvert as expert and story teller with Pete Mosley

In this episode you can hear my conversation with writer and coach Pete Mosley. We covered very many topics, starting with the link between introversion and confidence and the idea of the introvert as expert.

Pete describes expertise as being on a ladder. We’re all on our own ladder and if you are on a higher rung than someone else you are, relatively speaking, an expert. It’s all about learning, connecting and sharing. What you are comfortable sharing with a group is your expertise. He was keen to shatter the myth of the need for the next qualification or course to prove expertise.

Selling for introverts

We talked about the challenge of selling and Pete advised that introverts stop thinking about selling and start thinking about the stories you tell and where you tell them. This in turn will attract people who share your values. This values led approach, and telling stories is more likely to help us make a lasting connection.

Finally we discussed a number of marketing tactics, including the value of case studies. Pete outlined the art of making quiet alliances and how to master the public speaking collywobbles.


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We also talked about Susan Cain’s website


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