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Getting your offer right with Susanna Reay

Susanna Reay is an online business mentor who works with introvert entrepreneurs. We talked about the importance of articulating your offer as a first step in marketing your service business. Marketing your service business can feel a challenge, but when you get your offer right everything else falls into place.

We talked about how to find the spark that drove you to set up the business, and the role your values played in that journey. The experience of the user is at the heart of your offer. Susanna suggested that business owners pinpoint what is happening in your customer’s mind just before they are looking for what you do.

We then talked about how to take those things and create a signature offer that is easy for you to promote and sell. One that your ideal customers will understand and want to buy.

Finally we talked about the roles of courses, masterminds, memberships and summits in presenting your offer to your target audience.


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