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Can introverts be charismatic? with Alex Reid

Alex is a corporate marketer turned marketing coach. In this episode we are asking can introverts be charismatic?

Alex ReidFirstly, we had a great conversation about charisma, starting with wondering what charisma actually is?

Is it an indefinable X factor that makes an (extroverted) speaker appealing and engaging?

If you are an introvert you might believe that if you don’t have that you won’t be successful. However, is charisma more subtle than that? Is it something that an introverted speaker can employ to help them bond with their audience?

Alex was keen to emphasize that introverts are very good communicators. The key to success is how you engage with an audience and communicate your authentic point of view.

What is at the heart of true charisma? In conclusion, understanding the audience, knowing what they want to hear and finding ways to make connections.

The discussion leads to how we can do this in a digital environment when we are doing all of our business communications online.

Vulnerability, story-telling, and being your authentic self in a rapidly evolving digital world is at the heart of this episode.

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To find out more about Alex, go to his website Own Your Quiet.

He also referred to the work of Beth Buelow.

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