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Case study: Helping my client get visible

The client

Linda is a franchisee for an international colour and style business. She is excellent at what she does, and her clients leave her studio delighted with her service. It helps them transform how they look and feel about themselves. When Linda asked me for help she was struggling to tell that story in her social media channels. She knew she should be posting regularly but didn’t always know what to say. Her posts weren’t generating engagement or leading to any enquiries in her business. Linda describes herself as an introvert and wasn’t overly keen to show her face.

My solution

I have had a series of Time Out hours with Linda. We looked initially at her ideal customer, who they are and what they want to see on her Facebook and Instagram feeds. We also delved into what sort of posts generated the biggest engagement. Unsurprisingly they were the posts of Linda showing her followers how to wear particular colours and styles – the sort of advice that she is so good at giving one to one. I helped Linda get over her reluctance to show her face, and encouraged her to see this as another way to help her clients.

Having done that, we created a week by week plan of themes for her posts for example how to wear particular colours or accessories. This gives some structure when Linda is planning her posts, and engages her followers in a new way.

We also looked at how she could incorporate material from the Head Office of the business. Finally we looked at stronger calls to action, so for those people who wanted to find out more, or to book Linda’s service, it was easy to do so.


Linda’s social media is easier for her to create and deliver, and it is also generating higher engagement and interest in her business. In a tough climate, it has helped her make bookings and add on sales for her business. Her confidence on social media has increased enormously, and she now regularly goes live on Facebook to her group to give them additional advice.

“Jenny has helped me enormously to take my social media marketing to the next level and to gain more exposure and interaction. We have networked together for a few years, and I began to listen to her excellent marketing tips podcast during the summer of 2020. I realised very clearly while listening that she was exactly the person that I needed to help me with my marketing.

Jenny has shown me not only the types of post I need to be making for a visual business such as mine, but how to focus and streamline them, and how to create greater engagement with my audience. Thank you, Jenny, for providing the safe pair of hands that I can trust to steer and guide me. Your marketing expertise is superb.

To work on your own visibility, book a Time Out Hour where I can help you raise your profile in a way that fits with your values and personality.

To work with Linda go to her Facebook page

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