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Being the face of your business

Jenny Procter Marketing for IntrovertsIf we run a service business, we know that sometimes we need to show our faces as part of our marketing activity. But it can be hard, and as introverts we can be naturally reluctant to do this. I am delighted to be speaking on this subject at the Quietly Influential Summit this week, sharing my thoughts and experience.


Advantages in being the face of your business

If you are running a service business there are definite advantages in showing yourself:

  • Potential customers get to know like and trust you – essential if they are going to buy from you
  • Showing your face in your marketing materials, such as your social media feeds, will encourage engagement
  • Your customers are buying your expertise, and they need to hear it from you

But not everyone is happy being visible. In a piece of research I conducted before I started the Marketing for Introverts podcast, 28% of respondents said they were happy promoting the business but didn’t like raising their own profile.

It is possible to be an introvert and run a successful business. You can promote yourself in a way that feels sustainable and authentic. I am an introvert and it’s taken me some time to work out how to navigate this path. Using what I have learned, I have created a free guide to help you navigate these challenges: Being the Face of your Business: From Hating it to Loving it in 5 steps.

Being the face of your service business



What I’ve realised is, before you get into the details of which forms of marketing to take, you need to get your head into the right place. You need to be comfortable with the idea of being the face of your business.

If you are a business owning introverts and you say you hate putting yourself out there, this guide is for you!

Other resources to help you being the face of your business

If you are looking for other resources to help you why not try these:

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