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Being comfortable with getting visible, with Linda Clark

Linda is an introvert and style consultant – and she’s also a client of mine. I wanted to talk to her about the journey she has taken in her own marketing to become more comfortable with getting visible.

Linda ClarkShe spends her professional life helping her clients look and feel their very best. We explored the link between what you wear and your confidence as an introvert. Accepting compliments can be a challenge, and Linda has some great tips.

When we started working together she was finding it difficult to know what images to put on social media for her visual business. Putting herself in the spotlight – rather than her clients – was uncomfortable. Even though she could see that she got better reactions on those Facebook posts, it was a challenge.

Working together we focussed on Linda’s ideal clients, thought about subjects that they wanted to know about, and helped plan her posts in advance. We discussed how much of your expertise to share for free in your social media posts.

Learning what works for you to get visible

These days Linda is letting go of perfectionism, getting a high level of engagement, and sharing her great advice on Facebook Lives. We talked about the process of gradually expanding our comfort zones – her elastic band analogy is just perfect!

“think of your comfort zone like an elastic band”

So listen to find out how getting visible comfortably is possible for you!

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