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Using your expertise to build your portfolio career with Andy Burns

Andy has spent his career in public finance. In this episode, he shares advice on how to build your portfolio.

Recently, he has built a portfolio career as a consultant, advising organisations in the public sector on their finance and governance issues.

Andy Burns

We initially questioned whether introverts were better suited to particular types of professions?

And are stereotypes relevant and useful?

We then talked about how Andy has moved from a career in senior in-house roles to use his expertise to build his portfolio career.

How do you build a portfolio career?

To find out, the best way is to listen to the whole episode. In Andy’s case, he outlined how he has become the trusted adviser in his sector. He is always working firmly behind the scenes to help his clients succeed through some difficult challenges.

He shared how he likes to get other people to shout about him, rather than doing it himself!

The subject of values, and working in accordance with your values, comes up with every podcast guest, so I was particularly interested in learning how Andy’s values align so completely with his portfolio of clients. And finally, I couldn’t resist asking him about open-plan offices!


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To find out more, connect with Andy on LinkedIn.

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