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Your logo is not your brand! with Rob Lodge

I was delighted to interview Rob for this episode, as we have been working together for about six months. Rob is an experienced creative director who set up his own agency, Tin Robot, in 2019. Firstly we talked about the changing world of work and the benefits for clients and teams when flexibility is built into the ways of working.

What is meant by “brand”?

Rob and I have both had a lot of conversations with clients about the difference between a brand and a logo over the last 20 years! So it was fun to unpack what is really meant by “brand”. Rob outlined a comprehensive 4 step process:

  1. Detailed research on the market place and your place in it, your products and your audience
  2. Defining your brand core including why you exist, your vision, how are you going to change the world, your values and promises
  3. The visual elements that make up the brand identity including logo, fonts, typography, photography style and tone of voice
  4. Building your brand as it evolves and consistently asking if it resonates with your audience

I asked Rob about when businesses need to rebrand, and he talked about the need to adapt to changing markets, to retell the story of the business or when your existing brand really isn’t hitting the spot.

If you have ever uttered the words “I don’t need a brand, I’ve got a logo!” – this episode is for you.

Book Recommendations

Rob recommended two books:

Purple Cow by Seth Godin and Users not Customers by Aaron Shapiro

You can go to the Marketing for Introverts Bookshop to see the full list of books recommended in this series



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