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The importance of know, like and trust in your business

This episode is taken from my new book and I want to talk about the process of know, like and trust, especially if you are a service business owner. I talk about this a lot with my podcast guests and I often refer to it when talking about particular types of marketing – video for example or networking are great ways to build know, like and trust.

Know like and trust takes time

It can be a frustrating process because it often takes time and sometimes in business we want everything to happen much quicker.

For service-based business owners, marketing needs to build sufficient trust with potential clients so they feel comfortable to buy. I believe this applies particularly where the service is linked to something personal or financial. Imagine if you are considering talking to someone about your financial arrangements, or you want to work with a coach or a therapist. It’s likely in these situations that you will be discussing things that you find challenging to talk about. You want to have those conversations with someone you trust to give you good advice and treat your fears or challenges with respect. Trust is critical before someone is comfortable to buy in those situations.

In this episode I also share my most simple tip for building trust in your business.

To learn more about how to build know, like and trust in your business you can buy my book Marketing for Introverts which is now available on Amazon.

You can buy the book here

This book is definitely for you if you run a small business based on your knowledge and expertise and you don’t like putting your face on your marketing. Based on the conversations I’ve had on the podcast, plus 25 years working in marketing as an introvert, I hope you find the advice and strategies enable you to market your business consistently and comfortably.

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