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Making Your Business More Effective with Charlotte Wilkinson

If you’ve heard me talk about finding time to create content, and how I found time to write my book, you’ll have heard me talk about how difficult I found it to outsource anything in my business, but how finally working with a VA was a major step for me.

So I was delighted to have a catch up with Charlotte, who is my VA, and talk about how that process works, which tools we use and how she helps her clients overcome the fear of outsourcing. If you are overwhelmed by paperwork, social media or anything else in your business maybe our conversation will help you take step to find the help you need to thrive.

Charlotte recommended Atomic Habits by James Clear which you can get here:

You can find more about Charlotte on her website and on LinkedIn 


Marketing for Introverts bookThe book “Marketing for Introverts, How to love it, plan it and do it so you can quietly (and successfully) promote your business in a noisy world” is available to buy on Amazon

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