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PR is like pick and mix with Fiona Minett

I had a great conversation with Fiona Minett of Boss your PR. We both worked in PR in our twenties. The difference being that Fiona was calling Vogue and I was doing live interviews about late running trains! This is why she’s exactly the right person to talk about why PR as a tool for your small business.

We talked about how to get started if you haven’t used PR before. Fiona uses the pick and mix analogy to explain the range of opportunities that come under the banner of PR. Talking to journalists is just one of the ways to promote your business. She does have some great tips for finding the right journalists for your business. She also suggests the best way to approach them without having to resort to cold calling.

Telling your story

We talked about the importance of your story and how you define that, particularly if it’s something difficult or sensitive – or if you don’t think you have a story. Through snippets and anecdotes you have the opportunity to decide how much or little to share, and make it work for you.

This episode is full of great advice! I hope it leaves you with the confidence to get started using PR in your business.

Download the Define your Ideal Customer cheat sheet to go with the series (which includes 15 ideas for marketing a small service businesses just like yours)



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She recommended Built to Belong by Natalie Franks

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