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Making marketing work in your small business with Dan Edwards

This conversation is a little different from my usual interviews. Dan Edwards runs an accountancy practice, and we talked about what he does to market his business. He revealed a really comprehensive marketing strategy for both existing clients and prospects, and I was able to suggest a couple of areas for him to work on.

We know each other through networking and that is a big part of Dan’s new business strategy. We talked about the benefits of networking, both online and face to face, and the importance of building those relationships by turning up regularly.

Referrals are also a successful tactic for him, and Dan has a planned process of asking his clients to recommend him in local Facebook groups.

He is also super planned on Facebook – he gets a gold star for having helpful social media posts planned all the way to the end of next year! But like many introverts he struggles with how to be more visible on social media, so we talked about some ways for him to ease into that.

Dan has a great system for keeping in touch with existing clients from a newsletter and WhatsApp, to direct mail. He even sends biscuits!

How much marketing do you need to do?

This episode is a great insight into how much marketing you need to be doing to keep a regular flow of new business into your business, thank you Dan for sharing that with me!

If you are a small business owner, you need to listen to his explanation of the Profit First principle – and find out what he spent his first bonus on!


Download the Define your Ideal Customer cheat sheet to go with the series (which includes 15 ideas for marketing a small service businesses just like yours) 



Find more about Dan and work with him at or connect on LinkedIn

He recommended Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

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