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From introvert hangovers to mental health conversations

Here is a transcript of the whole episode.

This is a solo episode prompted by something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. It is also an issue that many of my guests have mentioned.

What is an introvert hangover?

The introvert hangover is the name given to that feeling when you have spent too much time in the company of other people. I talk about why we get that feeling and how we can recover. I also talk about how we can look after ourselves and prevent it.

When I started to explore how we get and recover from the introvert hangover, I found myself thinking about mental health for introvert business owners.

It’s an important conversation to have in our small businesses, and I raise a number of issues. But I am not an expert in mental health. If any of this episode rings uncomfortably true for you, please take some steps to learn more about your own situation and talk to someone who is an expert.

Mental health resources

Resources from the Federation of Small Business:

Mental Health at work toolkit for small businesses:

IPSE resources on mental health including a link to the report I quote in the episode:


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