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Instagram for introverts with Anita Popat

Anita Popat is a social media strategist, who supports her introverted clients to show up on Instagram effectively. She believes that introversion is her superpower, and we had a great conversation about Instagram and how introvert service business owners can use it.

Instagram has gone through a massive amount of change recently, and we talked a lot about the shift to short form video and the introduction of Reels. Not everyone wants to be dancing and lip syncing on Reels but Anita shared a lot of ways to use Reels as a service business.

Testing what works on Instagram

She is a big advocate for trying all the different aspects of Instagram and seeing what works. Use the data to see what works and ask your audience what they want to know about – Stories are good for gathering this information.

She outlined the need to create different types of content to build awareness, explain who you are and how you work, and finally to sell your services.

Episode resources

Anita recommended Atomic Habits by James Clear

Find her on Instagram @ItsAnitaPopat and get hold of the lead magnet she mentioned here 


Download the Define your Ideal Customer cheat sheet to go with the series (which includes 15 ideas for marketing a small service businesses just like yours)


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