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My big lessons from 25 years in marketing, with Jenny Procter

Jenny Procter Marketing for IntrovertsAs a follow on from my episode – celebrating 25 years in PR and marketing, with Wendy Harris, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learnt in that time. More importantly, these 4 big marketing lessons can help you to move forward quickly in your business.

It’s a short episode (I have bathroom fitters in this week so quiet time to record was at a premium!) packed full with top tips for small business owners.

I explain why you:

  • don’t always need a plan to end up in the right place for you.
  • definitely need a tribe. And also a coach.
  • don’t need to worry about the next bright shiny thing in marketing.
  • And why you shouldn’t put all your marketing eggs in one basket – but if you were panicking at the recent Facebook outage, you already know this!

Listen to hear my thoughts on what you should do instead.



Read more about valuable marketing lessons learnt on my recent blog ’25 years in PR and marketing’.


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