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How to create content that will attract your perfect client

I love content marketing! Content marketing is the umbrella term for things like blogs, videos, podcasts and social media posts. The long term aim is to get your ideal client interested in your business so they buy from you. For service businesses, it’s a great tool to show your audience some of your expertise which helps set you apart from your competitors.

But what should you create content about and what’s the best format?

This episode dives into both of those questions and gives you all the answers from a piece of major global research. From whether you should still have a blog to what are the best titles for your videos, I’ll share with you what is working in content marketing in 2023.

(Spoiler, I used one of the tips in naming this episode!)

If you can’t get enough of the details, you can access the Semrush Global Content Marketing report here:

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