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Finding your niche and building your self-belief with Sophie Carefull

In this episode I spoke to certified self-belief coach Sophie Carefull, who works with introverted creatives. Sophie’s background is as a branding photographer so I really wanted to understand how she moved from that to coaching and how she chose her business niche. It was a great opportunity to talk to her about the challenges introverts have with having their photo taken and gain some of her top tips – including choosing the right photographer that puts you at your ease.


Sophie was upfront about the benefits of her niche, including the ways it has impacted on her marketing messages and how that has developed since she started her business.

We also dived into the issue of self-belief, what it is, how it links to confidence and how to cultivate it in your business and your life. This was a really wide ranging conversation, I hope you find it interesting!



Connect with Sophie on Instagram at @sophiecarefull_coaching or find out more about her work at

She recommended Fierce Self-Compassion by Dr Kristen Neff which you can buy via the Marketing for Introverts bookshop here

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