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Values are what you do when no one is watching with Joanne Wharam

In this episode I spoke to Business Psychologist Joanne Wharam, who specializes in culture, behaviour and motivation. We met at a networking group and the first time we spoke she said she liked working with introverts and we talked a lot about values, so I knew she’d be a great podcast guest.

Maybe your values are things you take for granted, or they are something you haven’t thought about before? But if you can identify them and act consistently on them, in my experience, your business will benefit significantly – and you will be happier running a business that is completely in tune with you as a person.

Joanne and I discussed why values are important, we talked about ways to help you identify them and we talked about how we can run a successful business with our values front and centre. This is hugely important topic, so I hope you find it helpful.


Find more about Joanne and work with her at  or connect on LinkedIn

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