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Introvert myths and managing energy, with Melissa Roberg

Melissa Roberg transition coach In this episode, Melissa and I dusted down a few introvert myths!

Melissa is a transition coach helping women conquer fear and embrace change. She works with many high-achieving introvert women.

Introvert Myths

We look at the common misconceptions that introverts are –

  • shy
  • anti-social
  • stuck up
  • hate people
  • hate public speaking

Melissa coaches many introverts, so she was able to unpick all of these statements.


Managing Energy Levels as an Introvert

We also talked in detail about energy levels, including what drains us. We explored how we can best manage our energy levels when we run a business.

By being aware of when we find ourselves drained, we can plan to use our energy effectively and set ourselves up for maximum success.

We talked about leaving events early (with a smile!), setting boundaries, managing our diaries and batching activities.

We also discussed the impact of so much on-screen working and working from home on our energy levels. The question was asked if the last 12 months have actually been ideal working conditions for introverts?

We finished with the importance of understanding your values and strengths. We were in agreement that when you know those things about yourself, marketing your business becomes a lot easier.


If you want to hear myths about introverts being busted, and learn how to manage your energy, then listen to this episode.



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