Hiring Your Own Flexible Marketing Manager

Hiring Your Own Flexible Marketing Manager

When you first launched your business you were probably doing it all: delivering your product or service and looking after all the marketing, finance and administrative tasks. At that stage, the marketing strategy was likely to be in your head. You tried lots of tactics, some more successful than others, to make the business visible to potential customers.

As your business has become more established you’ve probably realised you can’t do it all. As cash flow has improved you have the chance to bring in specialists to help achieve your goals.

This is where our Marketing Manager package is ideal. The package includes a set number of days per month, delivered flexibly. At the outset, we will work with you to formalise your marketing strategy, set a promotional plan and calendar for the year and deliver whatever tactics you decide. Monthly meetings and reporting are included.

We can prepare a regular customer newsletter (print or digital), keep your website up to date and manage your social media channels. Using our trusted network of experts we can manage design and print, media activities or a telemarketing campaign.


So Why Should You Outsource Your Marketing Activity to Bondfield Marketing?

Of course, the first benefit is that you don’t have the overheads of a permanent employee. For the cost of a full-time junior employee who needs time and support to settle in, you could have 6 days a month of an experienced consultant who can hit the ground running.

We bring a fresh pair of eyes to the marketing task. We will help you analyse what has worked in the past, suggest new ideas which you may not have tried, and which tactics need tweaking or completely abandoning.

We have many years’ experience working with small owner led businesses so we pride ourselves in understanding how businesses run. We understand turnover and profitability. This helps us keep it real and affordable, focussing on tactics that are consistent with your business activities and make an impact.

Ultimately you need someone who can make things happen without needing you to micromanage them. Bondfield Marketing gives you experienced marketing support with complete flexibility.

If you need help contact me or read our full range of Marketing strategy plans here.

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