December podcast recommendations

I wanted to share some podcast recommendations with you.

Any parent with children at secondary school will understand why my heart sank when I got a phone call mid morning last week. My son was sent home because he was in close contact with a positive case. He then himself tested positive for Covid the following day. He’s feeling perfectly fine now, which is the main thing. But we are grounded until a few days before Christmas.

So I’m sharing my favourite podcasts in case you too are locked down with small children and in need of something new to listen to.

I know it’s hard to listen to podcasts when you are locked down with children, whether you are trying to work or not. I find myself listening at odd moments, or while I’m cooking or cleaning, when I’m definitely on my own. Some of the episodes below are short enough to listen to while your children are occupied elsewhere. Others work just fine if you have to stop part way and come back to listen to the end.

Take a listen and let me know your own favourites.


Desert island discs

I defy anyone not to find an episode they love in the vast back catalogue of this Radio 4 staple. I’ve recently listened to Lauren Laverne interview cyclist Chris Boardman and Hilary McGrady, Director General of the National Trust. Note though that the music is shorter on the podcast episodes is shorter than the original broadcast.

Doing it for the Kids

All your freelance dilemmas, answered with humour and swears by Frankie and Steve and a lively Facebook community. Weekly episodes that just for 20 minutes mean I have understanding colleagues. I listen to this one while cooking!

Spinning Plates

Launched earlier this year by Sophie Ellis Bextor, she interviews ambitious women who are also mothers, about their career and family and how they juggle. Sophie has a wonderful warm style and each episode is a minimum of an hour. Maybe one to listen to after the kids are in bed, with a glass of wine.

The Flourishing Introvert talks

Host Joanna Rawbone was my first guest on Marketing for Introverts and her own podcast is calm, considered and full of value and interest for introverts. Jo is on a mission to tackle the bias toward extraversion. I’m fully on board with that!

Marketing for introverts podcast


You can listen to Marketing for Introverts here



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