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Case study: Content and social media with purpose

The client

A client with a strong purpose to provide homes for rural communities, it had a very small office team and outsourced all marketing activity. I worked with this client over a number of years as part of a larger team, working on content and social media channels.


My solution

Over several years I developed a detailed knowledge of the client’s business. I knew their stakeholders and the key issues in the sector which meant I could keep all content very relevant to their key messages.

Working with minimal input from the client I created weekly social media content. I aimed to help them “punched above their weight”. Identifying influencers and industry leaders enabled me to to engage with them and amplify the client’s reach. I shared and commented on industry news and engaged in industry twitter chats. Engaging with relevant figures in the local community meant I could highlight the client’s community led values. I created tenant case studies, wrote annual report content, press releases and stories to give a human face to the team’s work.

My work enabled a small niche client to communicate effectively with tenants, communities and industry leaders. It kept their brand front of mind in a sector filled with large corporate players.

“I wanted to say, firstly, thank you so much for all you did on twitter and not only the doing, but the passion and interest you invested in this.  The service we received from you was always great, and I know we didn’t give you much to work with sometimes (well most of the time!).”

Sue Haywood, Midlands Rural Housing

If you run an organisation with purpose and need help with your content and social media marketing, please get in touch for a conversation about how I can help you.

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