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Launching The Marketing Room podcast

I’ve spent many months obsessively listening to other people’s podcasts and several months of plotting about how to do my own marketing podcast. And I am delighted to say that you can now listen to the trailer and the first two episodes of the Marketing Room podcast!

Marketing Room podcastI’m so pleased to have got to this point – and excited to be able to talk all things small business marketing with you all without regularly showing my face – surely an introverted person’s dream gig!

Each week I will be exploring an aspect of marketing that is relevant to small businesses in the UK. Episodes are going to be around 15-20 minutes long, so you can get bite size and relevant information in the time it takes to drink a coffee or drive to see a customer.


Launch episodes

The launch episodes are both solo shows. Episode one asks Who is your ideal customer? Which, in my opinion, is the place to start every marketing conversation! And episode two takes you through a quick marketing audit process, finding out where you are before you can plan your next steps. Both episodes have links to helpful resources, including downloads that will provide additional support as you plan and deliver your marketing activity.

I understand that running a small business is a constant challenge, so my solo episodes cut through the fluff and marketing speak, and get to the heart of what small business owners need to know to be successful. I’ve got lots of guest episodes with marketing experts in the pipeline too, so keep an ear out for those in the coming weeks.

I’d really love to say I have given a lot of thought to the launch party, but truthfully, I’m speaking at an event this week so I’m not popping the prosecco until that’s over!

Listen to The Marketing Room

I’d be so pleased if you could listen and subscribe because this will help me reach other small businesses. All your favourite podcast hosts say it so you know it’s true! And let me know if there are subjects you want covered in the coming weeks.

If you would like to sign up to be notified of new episodes please click here


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