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Introducing Marketing for introverts

I am excited to be launching my new podcast, Marketing for Introverts. This new series will explore ways introverts can successfully promote themselves and their businesses in a world where everyone else is shouting.

If you know me, you’ll know that I’ve spent the last couple of years exploring this subject. I’ve written blog posts and social media posts. I’ve realised that as an introvert, developing my own personal brand and creating my own marketing collateral can be quite a challenge.

My story

What you may not know is that I spent my early career in corporate communications roles, wondering why I didn’t quite fit. I didn’t speak up in meetings, I hated team away days and open plan offices left me drained and unproductive. My best ideas came in moments when I had peace and quiet. My most successful business relationships were forged one on one. I had great listening skills and I preferred collecting my thoughts in writing. I’m quiet, a thinker, an observer.

It took until I was into my 40s to give these superpowers a name. I am an introvert. And it surprised me to find that so are over 40% of the population. And yet the world – and the marketing industry – seems to value extroverts.


In research carried out for this podcast, I found that 48% of respondents said they didn’t like promoting themselves or their business and 68% said they didn’t like putting themselves out there. But marketing advice for business owners centres on personal visibility, making an impact, raising your profile.

As a business owner and an introvert, I face that challenge! I’ve needed to find ways to promote my business that suit me. This podcast explores ways of marketing that work for introverts. I hope you’ll join me and listen to my guests as we explore how they marketing themselves and their business. We’ll be discussing the resources they have found useful and the ways they use their introversion as a strength.

Being the face of your service businessIf you are one of the 68% of introverted business owners who hate putting themselves out there you can sign up for my free guide. It’s called “Being the face of your service business: From hating it to loving it in 5 steps”.


And if you sign up, I’ll make sure you are among the first people to receive each new episode to your inbox every fortnight!

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