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Do I need a marketing strategy?

Does your business have a marketing strategy?  What comes to mind when we use that phrase?

I think strategy is a highly overused word, and it isn’t always a helpful one. It sounds complicated, inaccessible and a bit too clever! When you google the phrase Marketing Strategy you can get 927,000,000 results! I don’t know about you but I do not have the time to go through all of those so how can we make it simple?

Marketing strategy should just be the overall thinking that is behind your business and your marketing activity. In this episode I share how I have distilled down marketing strategy into the 5 step Marketing for Introverts model:

Your values

What you do

Who you do it for

Your niche

Your story

From this simple process you can start to build marketing activities and an ongoing plan. You can also say no to the things that don’t help you. Take a listen and if you want to explore this in more depth you can buy the book here

This book is definitely for you if you run a small business based on your knowledge and expertise and you don’t like putting your face on your marketing. Based on the conversations I’ve had on the podcast, plus 25 years working in marketing as an introvert, I hope you find the advice and strategies enable you to market your business consistently and comfortably.



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