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What is personal branding and how can you set yourself apart from your competitors?

Download our free guide to learn how to develop a strong personal brand to build your reputation and stand out from the crowd to attract new clients.

Bondfield Marketing Personal Branding Guide

Are you afraid to stand out from the crowd?

Does promoting yourself feel uncomfortable and uneasy? 

How are you supposed to stand out when all you want to do is hide away?  

In this guide, I will take you through 5 easy steps to get to grips with your personal branding so you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and build your reputation. 

This guide will give you the tools you need to make your marketing easy and attract the clients you want.

Jenny Procter Bondfield Marketing


Who am I to be telling you all this?

I’m Jenny Procter – a marketing and communications professional with over twenty years’ experience. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses and organisations, from an NHS trust and local government organisations to architects’ and opticians’ practices.

I have a flair for taking marketing challenges and turning them into practical plans. I make things happen, with a confidence gained from working in high profile industries and a real world awareness of what small businesses need. I ensure your marketing works with your operations, customer service and cash flow.

I know that coming up with ideas can be easy but delivery can be the hard bit. I work with small businesses to help them consistently communicate with their clients, and potential clients, so they can make more money. 

And to add to all that, I’m a natural introvert, and hugely supportive of clients who aren’t always comfortable being the face of their business. 

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Bondfield Marketing Personal Branding Guide

Download our free guide to learn how to develop a strong personal brand to build your reputation and stand out from the crowd to attract new clients.

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