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Podcast episode: A quick guide to finding your niche

Finding your niche is often cited as the holy grail of successful small business marketing. This episode asks “What is niche marketing, how to do it, why your niche might be hiding in your business and why everyone finds it hard!”

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Podcast episode: The mindset to rebuild your business

This episode is part of my 3 episode miniseries on some of the marketing issues around exiting the lockdown in the UK. It’s my own very personal story of rebuilding my business several times, and sharing some lessons from my experience that should help you.

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5 steps to establish your brand values as a small business

As a small business, I think it is vitally important to know what your brand values are and be able to communicate them. This episode of the Marketing Room podcast outlines why that is, and take you through a simple 5 step process to help you articulate your own brand values.

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Launching The Marketing Room podcast

I’ve spent many months obsessively listening to other people’s podcasts and several months of plotting about how to do my own marketing podcast. And I am delighted to say that you can now listen to

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