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A practical approach to marketing for business owners

What does marketing mean to you?

We often think of marketing in terms of huge creative campaigns, selling must-have products to eager consumers. But after the noise of the launch party dies away, who is still listening?

Great marketing delivers a clear, open and consistent message, building lasting relationships with your customers.

Marketing creates a strong, respected brand and clearly communicates your values

Jenny Procter Bond Field Marketing

At Bondfield Marketing I specialise in businesses that are practice-based or who have a social purpose. Businesses who deliver expertise in their field, have a service to provide or a social enterprise model – businesses who find it more difficult to be visible, but still need a strong brand presence.

In over 20 years of working in marketing, I’ve supported a range of businesses and organisations, from NHS trusts to local government organisations, architects and opticians. I understand that the marketing you need should reflect your goals.

  • To grow your business
  • To build your brand
  • To communicate your immediate project to the public
  • To make your business money

I specialise in working with business owners to understand what you need to achieve, and to translate that into clear, practical marketing. As your marketing consultant, I understand that you need results, not plans. I work quickly and efficiently to create a strategy – and then to make it happen.

From one introvert to another

I’m a natural introvert – and a small business owner. I understand that delivering your ideas can be difficult, and that putting your own face at the front of your marketing can be daunting.

I’ll help you understand how to value your own services, develop your brand and step into your marketing comfortably. Essentially, I’ll help you to grow your business in a way that’s right for you.

Bondfield Marketing specialises in businesses that are practice based or deliver a service, who have a social purpose, not a product to push; who understand that communication is key, and customer satisfaction is essential.

Jenny Procter Bondfield Marketing

Marketing for experts and introverts.

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What's your marketing personality?

What's your marketing personality?

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