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Jenny Procter


I’m Jenny Procter – a marketing and communications professional with over twenty years’ experience. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses and organisations, from an NHS trust and local government organisations to architects’ and opticians’ practices.

I have a flair for taking marketing challenges and turning them into practical plans. I make things happen, with a confidence gained from working in high profile industries and a real world awareness of what small businesses need. I ensure your marketing works with your operations, customer service and cash flow.

I know that coming up with ideas can be easy but delivery can be the hard bit. I work with small businesses to help them consistently communicate with their clients, and potential clients, so they can make more money. 

And to add to all that, I’m a natural introvert, and hugely supportive of clients who aren’t always comfortable being the face of their business. 

The Mission and Values of Bondfield Marketing

Jenny Procter Bond Field Marketing

My mission is to provide marketing services to experts and introverts – those passionate and dedicated service businesses that want to make a difference.

My values are quite simple: 

  • I work hard for my clients and deliver on time
  • My services, prices and ways of working are transparent
  • I respect my clients’ time and responsibilities
  • I believe that work should be enjoyable and collaborative (and there should be cake)
  • When buying services, I choose other small businesses where possible

I work with a team of trusted associates, whose expertise and experience compliments mine. The team include designers, social media managers, telemarketing professionals and photographers. 

How Can We Work Together?

Read my thoughts on a range of marketing subjects on the blog, find out more about my services or book a call to find out how we can work together. 

Jenny Procter Bondfield Marketing

Marketing for experts and introverts.

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