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Why marketing For Introverts?

Well typically, the marketing advice for small businesses is to “put yourself out there” and “get visible”. Neither of which feel easy or natural for introverts. So how can you build and market a successful business as an introvert? 

As an introvert myself, I believe very strongly that the best form of marketing for your business is the one that you will do regularly – which means that it’s likely to be the one that you feel the most comfortable doing.

So using my 25 years’ marketing experience, it’s my mission to help you find the marketing style that suits you and help you build a successful business.

Find out how you can work with me or take a look at the resources and listen to the podcast for more marketing inspiration.

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Marketing for Introverts

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The 'Marketing for Introverts' Podcast

Marketing for introverts podcast

The Marketing for Introverts podcast explores ways of marketing that work for introverts. I hope you’ll join me and listen to my guests as we explore how they marketing themselves and their business.

We’ll be discussing the resources they have found useful and the ways they use their introversion as a strength.

"unflappable and dependable"

“Jenny is personable, unflappable and dependable. She stepped deftly into the space left by our former head of PR, and quickly accomplished that difficult phase of winning over existing clients and quickly learning about their businesses. A good strategic thinker who knows the ropes, and an asset to our team.”
Graham Green
Reeves Green

What is personal branding and how can you set yourself apart from your competitors?

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"Working as part of the team."

Since 2012, Jenny has advised our directors on business and marketing strategy as the business has grown and increased its service offer.

She has overseen the implementation of our new website, updated branding and our social media strategy and plan and developed a series of campaigns to promote individual services. She has also coached individual team members on social media success.

Jenny is flexible to the needs of our business, provides practical and accessible advice and is very much part of the team.”
David Moorhouse
Operations Director, HLP UK Ltd

Marketing resources for small business owners

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Being the Face of Your Service Business: from hating it to loving it in 5 steps

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Being the face of your service business
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What's your marketing personality?

What's your marketing personality?

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